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Rack Repair Solutions

Rack Repair Solutions Lifetime Warranty Seal

Fast Rack Repair

Replace a damaged column in about an hour.

Easy and Nondisruptive

Move only the nearby palleted stock

Safe and Permanent

7X times stronger than original!

Lifetime Warranty!

Rack Repair products and installation are guaranteed, not only to be free from defects in material and workmanship, but also against impacts in normal use conditions in a warehouse - for a lifetime!

Warehouse Rack Repair

Don't let OSHA catch you with warehouse rack uprights that have been bent or broken through hard use, fatigue, or careless forklift accidents!

We are Michigan and Northern Indiana's best answer to damaged, bent, and broken warehouse racks. Our non-disruptive method will allow you to maintain productivity, and minimizes the hassle of moving pallets from rack to rack while the repairs are being made.

Our Certified Technicians will install our system in as little as one hour. Our repairs are done without flames or cutting torches, eliminating the need for a "hot work" permit. This leaves you with a permanent, safe, secure, pallet rack, with a lifetime guarantee!

Damaged Rack

Before: Damaged Pallet Rack

Repaired Rack

After: Repaired Pallet Rack with Rack Repair Solution
Repaired Rack is 7 times stronger than original structure.

A Close Up on Some of the Components of our Pallet Rack Repair Solutions

Warehouse rack reinforcement


Warehouse Rack Repair Application:

Repair and reinforcement of a severely damaged front column.

Warehouse rack column fix


Warehouse Rack Repair Application:

Repair and reinforcement of a severely damaged front and rear column.

Warehouse rack cantilever


Warehouse Rack Repair Application :

A cantilever solution for double deep racking systems and drive-in systems where forklift maneuvering is difficult.